How’s My Baby?

I know I know. Its been a week since my last report so here it is….

Baby Xaiver has been on the up and up. Whatever infection the doctors thought he may have is gone. He’s been increasing his feedings every day and as of October 3rd, he was on the max amount for his size, 17ml of liquid gold per feeding!! His chest xray has been looking clearer, he just finished a 10 day round of steroids and got his PICC line removed.

Um, Tianna, what the heck is a Picc line? Waaayy ahead of you homie. A PICC line is a long, soft, plastic tube inserted into a large vein in the baby’s arm or leg. The line is guided up into a large vein near the heart where it can deliver medications such as antibiotics. Check out more information here —> Click me!!

Ok, I’m back, so I’m sure you read about our skin to skin moment last week. If you didn’t SHAME! Jk. The nurses told me that it seems like Xay was having a little bit of roid rage when on his steroids which is hilarous, cute and scary at the same time. He would get so angry that the nurses would have to increase his morphine ad oxygen a bit so he would feel better. He loves to sleep on his stomach just like mommy and daddy. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the last time I’ve actually been able to do that.

Its been 3 weeks and I’m just happy my baby is doing ok. I’m still writing down his progress in my notebook and sometimes relying on Leonard to help me remember things. Learning these terms and different meds aint easy. I literally have the deer in headlights moments when the doctors talk to us and usually just shake my head ok and read my notes later.

We continue to visit him every unless we get tied up with something which really only happened once so far. He stills knows its us and that warms my heart each time we talk to him. Apparently, Xavier is popular in the NiCU among the nurses.

As, I was writing this post, the nurse called at 1am which is usually rare. They have to run more tests, because Xavier is showing signs of another infection. They had to increase his oxygen, ordering antibiotics and pausing his nighttime feedings. I know things like this may happen, but now my excitement is turning back into fear… stay tuned.

One thought on “How’s My Baby?

  1. Rebecca Burrow

    Tianna, thank you so much for sharing Xavier’s progress! I’m glad to hear the PICC line has been removed. Every centimeter of progress is to be celebrated! Xavier and his cousin Ricky has so much in common and I can hardly wait for them to meet. . .bonded through experience. (As you know, this is a journey unique to families of preemies.) By the way, tell Xavier, I see that weight increase! Go nephew! In the meantime, Xavier, you, and Leonard remain in my prayers. Love you much!!!
    Aunt Bebe


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