It’s been a minute…

Yep, it’s been a little over a week, my bad. I didn’t intend on taking a break after my last post and leaving yall hanging, but a break was needed.

Xavier had a little setback earlier this week which had me in my mood. It seemed like at the beginning of each week there was another possibility of an infection. This week was no different. Nurse calls with update, me crying feeling helpless, hubby coming to console me seems to be my Sunday’s or Monday’s. I’m hopeful that next week will be different since we seemed to have a breakthrough. Xay had his breathing tube pushed down just a little by the respiratory therapists which seem to help. So it could have been that he wasn’t getting enough air.

He officially reached his one month milestone on the 13th. Whew! Time sure does fly. He’s already changed so much and not to mention gaining more weight. 2lb 6.8oz! I noticed his legs getting a little thicker. He got his PICC line out last week, IV out this week, and started a new round of steroids. The nurses have continued to encourage Leonard and I to be hands on as much as possible. We already would change his diaper, take his temperature and give him a little oral care with my breastmilk. Now we give him his bath every couple days. Xay is super quick and strong and he still manages to find ways to break out of his swaddle. We have to keep tabs on him so that he doesn’t go for his breathing tube again. I melt when I see his beautiful brown eyes look up at me and at this point, he can have whatever he wants from me.

We also got some skin to skin time in this week too. Per usual, it was some much needed time. Soon enough I won’t have to wait two or three weeks to schedule some time to hold my baby. He did really well though and we got about 3 hours in again. He started to get restless towards the end, but he was just wanting his diaper changed. Leonard and I have learned very quickly his cues for that. When it’s time for our next skin to skin session I want Leonard to get his quality time in. He needs it just as much as me.

2 thoughts on “It’s been a minute…

  1. Lisa Maynard

    Hi Tianna and Leonard. Stay encouraged. Baby Xavier is going to be just fine. He has so many people who love him and continue to pray for him daily. Small yet mighty!! Take care. God Bless.
    Aunt Lisa


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