Who Said Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk?

Oh I thought someone that never breastfed or pumped a day in their fucking life said something.

The saying “don’t cry over spilled milk” is an age-old proverb that has been around for hundreds of years. The first historical reference to the phrase appears in a document written by British historian James Howell in 1659.

fuck him.….. breathe Tianna… breathe

Ok, so you see I’m pretty riled up and I’m sure you can guess the topic of this post. I’m gonna be able to laugh about it… tomorrow, but now I’m livid. In what has already been a stressful work day I was at my desk pumping. I’ve been dealing with clogged boobs on and off and I had just got unclogged. Got a smooth 90ml on the left and 120ml on the right (the lazy clogged boob). I was happy! The lazy boob finally is normal again. So I’m tracking this session and pouring the milk into freezer bags, then it happens….. My phone rings(lol). I answer it then it really happens…..I knock the fucking 90ml milk bag on my fucking desk. Then it’s starting to drip down onto the carpet. I believe the phone call saved me from having a nervous breakdown, because I was trying to hold my composure and be professional with a slight crack in my voice. As soon as I got off the phone though all kinds of fucks and shits could be heard through the house. That 90ml has now turned into 30ml and the 60ml lost belongs to the wash cloth and carpet. I hope they like it.

Now I don’t have a low supply by any means, but milk is milk. I have to pump every 3 hours round the clock, and if I don’t the shit hurts like hell. Four days after I had Xavier, I was bringing milk to his room. I got up to his floor in the hospital and noticed my bag of milk was leaking. 4ml I had just pumped before I left was just seeping out its bottle. Pretty sure it’s remnants are in the back of the Uber I took that day. Anyway, I LOST IT. Leonard and a nurse had to calm me down. I did the pout, stomp, and cry combination. Mind you even then I still had plenty of milk for Xavier, but THAT’S NOT THE POINT. I work hard for this milk, don’t get sleep for this milk, can barely work because of this milk, so James Howell FUCK YOU!

(and while I totally get that this phrase is a proverb, in this moment I DONT CARE)

3 thoughts on “Who Said Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk?

  1. Tiara Grady

    SOOOO REAL. The whole combination you did is so worth it. Its not called Liquid Gold for nothing. And its work to pump. And yes we do it but breastfeeding, pumping, all of it is draining as well. Trust me, I have had my share of spills and pouts, cries, stomps, walkways and everything.
    Breastfeeding, breast milk, pumping CANCELS that saying/quote ALL DAY.


    1. Rosetta

      Reading this is EVERYTHING!! I completely understand, as I sit pumping at 3am. I am the most nervous when pouring my liquid gold into those bags. Tee, you are amazing. Continue to stay strong.


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