What’s In A Name?

In a previous post I mentioned that it took us a couple months to come up with Xavier’s name. We had the girls name right away since we just knew that’s what we were having. Clearly we were wrong. We looked at different baby name websites and I would write down the best ones we agreed on.  As we narrowed down our list, one just stood out to me.  I told Leonard,  what about Xavier? He thought about it and agreed.  We also agreed on the pronunciation right away. 

Once we found out he was a boy, I wanted some connection to my family in his name since he was automatically going to carry his father’s family name. I got shut down early when I wanted to incorporate part of my last name.  Cole seemed like a strong name to me but too many people are scarred by the Martin character lol. So the next best thing was to honor my grandfather.  He was the consistent man in my life that helped raise me.  He’s my heart, my teacher, my word search buddy, my everything so its nothing to give my son his name. Well his middle name, James, because Luther is a bit too old school for me 🙂  I grew up with my mom’s side of the family and it’s always been the 6 of us for 30+ years (significant others don’t count).  As the only child AND grandchild, my grandfather was excited when he found out we were having a boy.  Him and my uncle were outnumbered for so long lol.

So we finally had his name.  Typically, I would look up the meaning of names, but I didn’t for Xavier until after he was born and I was surprised at his meaning.  

The boy’s name Xavier \x(a)-vier\ is pronounced ZAY-vee-er. It is of Spanish, Arabic and Basque origin, and its meaning is “bright; splendid; new house“.

New house. Interesting.  We started the process of building our 2nd home shortly after we made the decision to cancel our wedding due to Covid. One week after we put down the deposit, we learned that we were pregnant. Now, here we are anxious to bring Xavier to his new house….

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