Sweet Child of Mine..

This guy just keeps on growing, and I’m here for it. I looked at the post I made not even a month ago and I said he was 4lbs 11oz. That’s seems like that was so long ago. Chunky butt is now 8lb 1oz!!! I catch myself looking at his pics from when he was born and just in awe of his progress weight wise. Gone are the days were he could literally fit in one hand, he’s heavy now. One time in November when I held him, my fingers went numb lol. I was struggling trying to move my arm around to get the feeling back. We’ve finally figured out how to keep him wrapped up and not breaking out of his swaddle grabbing his breathing tube. We bought swaddles with a zipper so he can still move around. This is like his first piece of clothing he gets to wear and he loves it. When he’s in it, he likes to sleep with his hands positioned up on his chest.

His progress has been a little stagnant lately. He’s been doing really well on his ventilator but not showing much progress towards getting off of it. The NP’s and Doctors had a consultation with Riley doctors to see if he needs to be transferred to them. Right now he’s ok where he is. They are giving him a chance to grow more and eventually will start another round of steroids in a few days. I would love to keep him where he’s at but I would love it even more if he was home, so I’m ok with whatever decision is made.

Another diagnosis that I really haven’t mentioned is ROP. Retinopathy of prematurity is an eye disease that can happen in premature babies. It causes abnormal blood vessels to grow in the retina, and can lead to blindness. Oxygen therapy did not work so he had to get the abnormal blood vessels lazered off yesterday. He was given a paralytic so that he wouldn’t feel or be awake for the procedure. Doctors said that he did well and the surgery was completed successfully. Now we just wait for his next eye exam. My poor little guy just can’t catch a break. He’s been in good spirits though. He was so hell bent on opening his eyes today when he heard his mommy and daddy talking to him. I hope this worked because if not, we are going to be making a special trip to Chicago for another procedure.

I’ve been doing somewhat better. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for Christmas. I know it’s going to be a little difficult for me. I’m not going to be able to fly to Vegas to be with my Grandparents nor will I be able to bring the baby home. So, yea….

My last post I mentioned all the things I was thankful for but I feel like I missed something. I’m thankful for “my readers” lol seriously. You all give me words of encouragement and have shared your preemie stories with me. It really helped me out in the beginning so I thank you.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Child of Mine..

  1. Tiara Grady

    I am definitely praying with you all. And I specifically pray for his eyes. GOD IS SO AMAZING AND FAITHFUL AND I am so thankful to hear about Xavier’s amazing weight gain!!!! Love ya’ll

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  2. Jarryn

    He looks so good!!! I was so excited I shared this post with my husband. We are prayerful for healing and that you all have a beautiful start to the new year. You have a stunning family!!

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