Hey Fam

Before you even say it…. I know I know. It’s been almost a month since I’ve given you all updates. But note, a girl is tiiiiiiiieeed. I’m happy to have my baby back close but I completely forgot how much I am moving non-stop when I’m going back and forth to the hospital everyday. I work and then head straight to the hospital. Sometimes trying to find a moment to cook in between because I’m tired of ordering out. Well why don’t you stay home at least one day a week? Mom guilt, that’s why. I feel like the older he gets, the more attention he needs and the nurses have other babies they need to care for too. Plus, I feel like he needs to see us everyday. You need to take care of yourself too? I know I know. I hear it all the time and I try, but Xavier is my priority. Let’s see what else on my end.. work sucks, and weekends are too short. I find myself sometimes getting anxious before I head to my office (downstairs at home). I’ve been working from home a full year now and my workload has doubled. Why don’t you ask for help? I did. It worked for a short moment then I got more tasks to do with crazy deadlines. At this point, it’s whatever.

Baby boy is 6 month’s old and has been doing good. He’s still on high flow oxygen (thank GOD!) and he’s started a longer round of steriods. Leonard and I had an in person conference with his doctors and nurses to talk about what we are going to do with his care and I’m comfortable with this plan. We are trying to lower his high flow oxygen twice a week. There have been days where it’s been lowered but he started working a little too hard to catch his breath so he had to go back up. His sedation meds are being lowered every couple of days. He’s more alert now and likes (read: wants) more attention. He’s been getting physical therapy to help with his development and he likes it most days. His Mamaroo and pacifier are his favorites. He gets to be nosy when he’s sitting up. I’m trying to get him to hold his own pacifier because I’m tired of holding it lol. We’ve developed a contraption to keep it in but he moves around so much that it doesn’t stay long. Eyes are doing really well. His voice is getting stronger and you mainly hear it when he cries but there are a few coo’s here and there. I love being able to walk into his room and just grab him myself. There are still a few cords in the way, but no vent. Starting this week the Covid rules changed so now Leonard and I can be in the room at the same time with him. Xay didn’t know what to do when he saw both of us at his crib. Looking at me then dad, then back at me then back at dad. It was cute 🙂

So I know you wondering but you won’t ask, because you know, I told you not to. We still don’t know when he’s coming home. At this point, all that matters is that he’s progressing. He’s not completely out the clear yet so I’m just trying to focus on the good.

2 thoughts on “Hey Fam

  1. Rosetta Smith

    New post alert!!! Yes!!!! So happy you and Leonard are able to be in the room together. Xay is the cutest!!! I know he lights up when he see’s you guys so i completely understand the parent guilt and the daily trips you’ll are taking. So happy to hear things are progressing. His eyes, the lowering of the sedation meds, the physical therapy and the fact you can hear his voice now. OMG these are great and you and Leonard are doing an amazing job(as you know). Have a good weekend and again thanks for sharing.


  2. Demetra DeYampert

    I know I know, I’m late reading the update but I’m Sooo happy Xay Man is continuing to make progress!! Seeing his little face always lights up my day. I know you have mom guilt but please take care of yourself too friend. Remember I’m just a call away!


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