Testing Testing 1,2,3

*cough cough* is this thing on? Ok just checking cuz I got something to say…

Whew yall, the long awaited moment is here. Like for real for real.

For all my day one subscribers you get to hear the good news, before I share the post on social media.


That’s right! He’s hooooommmeee. 

Ok, so now that I got that out of the way let’s talk about how we finally got to this moment. I’m gonna keep it quick cuz hunny I’m even more exhausted.

Once Xavier got down to 1 liter of high flow oxygen, things started moving rapidly. He got an MRI, sleep study and other screenings all in a week. We also tried breast feeding and bottle feeding. We were successful on the first try for both but after that baby wasn’t having it. So he had a swallow study done and he pretty much aspirated and had oral aversions to bottles. He did like pureé foods such as green beans so speech therapy will be working with him on that.

Leonard and I agreed on Xavier getting a gtube so that he wouldn’t miss out on his feedings. He had to have a circumcision too so it could all be done in one surgery. Since he also failed his hearing test again, he would also get tubes in his ear during that same surgery. Literally two days after his surgery we had training on all his equipment that we would be coming home with and whew what a day. He’s coming home with an oxygen tank, pulse monitor, machine to administer breathing treatments, and all the equipment for his feedings. Yall thought I was overwhelmed? Shiit this is the icing on the cake. I call myself recording all this because there was no way I would be able to write everything down.

Day after training was our 24 hour parent care at the hospital. Like that’s when shit really got real. Just me, Leonard, and Xay. I mean the hospital staff was available if any of his equipment acted up but really it was just us. Like most babies, he only takes cat naps. Man Mommy and Daddy were exhausted but we made it without any issues. Just aching backs from trying to sleep on the couch and recliner. Once morning hit, it was time to prepare for discharge. Yall it was just so surreal, like it’s finally happening. It got really overwhelming with all the paperwork, 2 home health care companies to get his equipment delivered to the house and making sure we remember all his follow up appointments. We walked out of that hospital at noon and didn’t look back.

Home life has been quite the adjustment. Having a baby is already life changing but a baby that requires different equipment to breathe and eat is a whole other level. Like it’s ok this week because both of us are off work but Leonard is back in his office (downstairs) and I’ll have him most of the day. I’m also worried about when I go back to work in 6 and 1/2 weeks. Anybody who we allow to watch him, even for just a few hours has to be trained on his equipment, how to feed him, what to do in the event he pulls his gtube out, etc… all this goes through my brain constantly coupled with lack of sleep. I’m happy to have him home, but can’t help but to worry. Our story is far from over, I guess you can say we are now in Phase II… stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Testing Testing 1,2,3

  1. Tiara Grady

    YESSSSSSS!!!! GOD YOU ARE SO FAITHFUL AND SO AWESOME! THIS IS SOOOOOOO GREAT TO HEAR THAT XAVIER IS HOME! That was definitely alot to learn and beforehand but you all just like Xavier are fighters and very strong-willed, so anything that is thrown your way, you take it and conquer it. I AM ECSTATIC!


  2. Tenille L. Lawson

    Praise. The. LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so stinking cute! I am so grateful all THREE of you all have such a fighting spirit! Thank you for allowing us to be a member of your journey. We pray for you all, ALL THE TIME, and we are OVERJOYED this day has finally come!!! Please continue to keep us posted so we can see how he develops over this time. A season has come! We love yall!


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