Still Going Strong

In the last month I’d been wrestling with the idea of ending my blog journey. I don’t know I just felt like I’m not updating as often and once I feel like it becomes more of a chore instead of an outlet then I don’t want to do it. Soon after I had those thoughts literally someone I hadn’t talked to in ages reached out because her family is now in a somewhat similar situation we had been in and she read my blog. This may have been my “therapy” but you never know who’s gonna be in the same predicament. I’m so happy that she chose to reach out and that I’ve actually been able to assist in different ways. Maybe one day I’ll have her on the blog to tell her story. This plus a few nudges from other friends to keep going kind of refreshed me.

My Auntie came back for 2 weeks to help out as I went back to work (downstairs lol). Once again she showed out hunny. Breakfast everyday, telling us to leave and take some time for ourselves and just diving right in to take care of the baby. My mom was able to come down for the 4th of July and I put her to work in the kitchen. I always said that there was one rule that we had for overnight guests including family; if you are staying xx amount of days (varies on my mood) you have to keep the baby in your room at least one night. I didn’t make them do it the first time they came, but I enforced it the second time around and babbyyy I got the best two days of sleep! On the other hand my mom and auntie got to experience that lovely pulse monitor which meant NO sleep. Xay slept through everything as usual. I greatly appreciate them though, they would do anything for the baby. Same with my mother in law. Since she’s not far she steps in as our weeknd babysitter.

Xavier is doing pretty damn good. We had our therapy evaluation and it has been recommended that he has all three (PT, OT, and speech) so that will likely be 3 days a week. The good thing is that he gets to have it at home. We’ve come out of our many appointments with doctors happy with how’s he’s doing. I’m so proud of him. Leonard and I have been working with him on exercises and the doctors see progression. He’s still behind developmental wise,  but I have no doubt that once his therapies start he will continue to progress. I have some more good news but I’m gonna wait a little longer before I spill the beans.

My handsome little man mom is 10 months old now!! He’s 20 lbs and putting everything within reach in his mouth. On a recent swallow study I got to see an xray of his mouth and I just saw so many teeth ready to sprout at any moment. Pray for us fam, I’m not ready for cranky baby. I’ve started giving him cold things to chew on to prepare for the enevitible. *sigh* It’s getting so close to his 1st bday like I’m emotional just thinking about it. Let me go and create thousands of collages and videos of his 1st year and cry in a corner.

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