Yall still here?

I renewed this domain name so yall got me for at least another year.

Can you believe that in a week and some change I’m going to have a ONE YEAR OLD?! Like whet?!?! I’m still in shock that I’m somebody’s momma. A lot has happened over the last month so let me hit you with the cliff notes so this doesn’t turn into a super long post…

1. Brother man has two bottom teeth and is putting everything in his mouth. I’ve been bitten more than once and yes it hurts lol
2. PT and OT therapies have started and he doing great each session. He tolerates tummy time more, can hold his head up, can sit up but still wobbly. His therapists are awesome.
3. He takes a 2oz bottle twice a day without fighting back. Most of the time he wants more, but I don’t want to over do it.
4. Still loves purees
5. Still sleeps through the night, but still fights naps.
6. Got cleared to remove his oxygen during the day! That’s right, he only needs the oxygen at night and will be re-evaluated again in about a month and a half.
7. Is now part of the 4 eyes gang.

I feel like I’m missing some other things, but these are the main things that have happened. He’s still at the 20lb mark and the doctors have me adding a little formula to his milk for extra calories. I’m ok with that especially since my freezer stash is on it’s last leg. I’ve started making at least one formula bottle per day to get him adjusted to moving to formula. I’m STILL pumping but once my freezer stash is gone, it wont be enough for a full day’s worth of bottles especially since doctors have me increasing is intake every 3 weeks. I can’t believe I’ve been pumping for almost a year now. I’m still gonna go strong at least till the end of the year, but I can’t wait to get my body back!!!

My auntie came back again for another 2 weeks to spend time with us and my mom was able to squeeze a weekend as well. Again, their help was greatly appreciated. I also started planning baby boy’s 1st birthday and I immediately got anxious thinking about it. Am I doing too much or too little for this party? I mean Covid is still active and I cant let him get sick, but I think I’ve found a happy medium. This year has been so crazy with so many ups and downs and we deserve to celebrate with friends and family safely. I remember things so vividly but it seems like so long ago. Xavier has only been home 3 months! Ain’t that crazy?!

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