ONE year in this thang

I’m kinda at a loss for words here. Crazy right?! I don’t want to be too repetitive as I’ve been covering his journey since the day he was born but we have come such a long way.

When I think about this day, I think of how I was so afraid of what the future looked like for our family. Would Xay make it? Would he have that tracheotomy? Where would I be mentally? Just everything. Xavier has shown us that he had his own timeline and has been fighting ever since. There’s no doubt that I’m still sad about missing the regular milestones in his life but he is showing so much progress.

I don’t know know what life is like without him around. What is sleep again? Lol He’s a pretty chill little baby that has this infectious smile and laugh. He talks a lot and I don’t mind it one bit. He couldn’t talk for the first five months because he was on a ventilator.

I looked at him today and tears just formed in my eyes, I’m just so happy I was chosen to be his mom. When he gets older, I will always remind him of his first year of life. I want to remind him of his purpose, he fought like hell to be here. He is meant to do great things and I will always be there to advocate for him.

Happy 1st Birthday Xavier. I love you forever and ever!

One thought on “ONE year in this thang

  1. Rebecca

    Happy Birthday Xavier James Maynard!!! Praise God for Xavier’s 1st Birthday!!! He is destined for GREAT THINGS!!! Love you all so very much, Aunt Rebecca


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