Professional Snot Sucker

That’s just one of my many titles that I’ve become proficient at. So disgusting yet equally satisfying. Also a great title for a blog post lol 🙂

How does it feel to have a one year old Tianna??? Absolutely unreal! Xavier is constantly changing by the day. He is now an extreme busy body and we cannot leave him alone by himself for one minute unless we sit him on the floor. I was never skeptical of his therapy sessions but boy has he been progressing because of them. He’s sitting up on his own, rolling to his tummy and holding himself up, scoots on his back to get where he wants to go, and raises himself up to his knees and moves from side to side. I know you’re like, but that’s supposed to happen and I’ll say [redacted expletive’s]. j/k Yes, these are all things that he should’ve been able to do months ago, but couldn’t, cuz you know hospitalized for like 8 months and 5 months on a vent. But that’s the past. He’s 9 months adjusted and still behind, but we are making progress baby!

Feedings have been a slightly different story. Breastmilk is running low low in both the freezer and fresh from the supplier so I’ve had to supplement with more formula. (That ish stinks literally). I think my body has caught up with my brain because mentally I’ve been so ready to stop pumping, but I’m still pushing on for two more months. About a week after his birthday, Xay just up and decided that he didn’t want to take a bottle by mouth so we’ve been trying different cups and he just isn’t having it. He still loves him some purees though.

Baby boy took a little break from teething but he is back in full force. Drool every where, constantly chewing on his fingers, uncomfortable overall just for the two front teeth to start poking out. -_- He’s so strong too, I’ve been bitten several hundred times and that hurts like hell. Oh, how could I forget the most important thing. He’s been fully cleared from having to be on oxygen!! On my last post, I talked about how he was cleared to be off of it during the day, but with his recent check up a couple weeks ago we got night time cleared too!! Whoooooo!!! I know he was beyond over it because it was a constant fight with him to keep it in. So now we are just keeping the supplies for emergency purposes. You know who else is happy? My bank account. My electric bill has been ridiculous these last couples of months.

One thought on “Professional Snot Sucker

  1. Tiara Grady

    YESSSSSSSSS GOD YOU ARE WORTHY! Prince Xay is completely off of oxygen!!!! And Congratulations on reaching all of these amazing milestones!! Tianna I seriously Crack up reading this blog. I love how you explain your truths. It is so real and I can relate to it 100%, like “yep I have expectations feeling I know what she is saying there.” I love it. I am so glad to hear all of this amazing news. Blessings on Blessings for ya’ll!


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