Happy 1st Birthday Xavier!!

I know you’re like “Whet?! His birthday was in September!” This is a fact. Today is his adjusted (developmental) birthday and around these parts we celebrate every and anything related to Xavier.

Today was his original due date and this is the date that doctors follow to determine how he is progressing.

What a difference a year makes” has been my theme the entire 3rd & 4th quarter of 2021 and it will likely continue throughout 2022.

If you recall, on my 2020 Christmas is Cancelled post, I was so pissed about how quickly plans changed with the baby. Having to watch him being whisked away to Chicago was certainly a low point in my life. I haven’t cried that much since a bad breakup waaaaayyyyy back. lol Well this year, we all were together and got to fly out to Vegas and spend Christmas with my family. Xay did so good on both of his flights. I was nervous that he wouldn’t be still and would be loud, but he mainly just looked out the window in amazement then slept. My grandparents were the last of the immediate family members on both Leonard and our sides to meet Xay and my grandma practically snatched him out my arms after I entered her house. It was such a great time seeing my grandparents interact with him the entire week we were there. Grandma cried when we left, and my granddaddy said we have to come back in the summer. They don’t want to wait all year to see him again.

Since my latest post, I used my last freezer bag of breastmilk on 11/08/21 and I stopped pumping on 12/21/21. I got my boobs back yall! After 15 months, I finally deleted every single pump alarm I had on my phone and watch. I’ve gotten to get just a tiny bit of extra sleep, and overall I have a little bit more freedom. It’s been a great couple of weeks. Xay has moved on to regular milk with some pediasure and trust, big boy is still not missing any meals. We are still struggling with him drinking anything by mouth and I’m really hoping this changes by end of 2022. I want that gtube out! He eats food just fine, it’s just something about drinking that is the issue. He’ll take sips of water, puree mixed with water but no milk.

Xavier started crawling in early December and hasn’t looked back since. He’s constantly moving around getting into everything and does not slow down until he’s sleep. It won’t be to much longer before he’s walking. I’m calling it in March. All he wants to do is pull himself up on anything and everybody to stand. Therapy is truly paying off and soon we’ll be getting clearer words from him as opposed to his current babble. I’m excited for what 2022 will bring us with him!

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